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We are a Representative for the National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE)

Please, note that while we can enroll businesses and individuals in NASE in ALL 50 states -- We can only write Health and Life Insurance policies in Texas. 

In 1981, a group of small-business owners realized that they could increase their strength, clout and buying power by banding together.  They formed the NASE.  As the largest business association of its kind in the United States, the NASE receives the types of benefits and services once only available to large corporations.

Their fundamental goals remain the same as when first established by the founding Members:

     Promoting the good health and financial security of our Members
     Acting as an information resource to our Members
     Providing significant discounts on business and personal services
     Stimulating and encouraging independent business
     Acting as an advocate for the self-employed in the legislative arena
     Informing Members about Government actions that affect their business

Members gain the advantages of larger business with the NASE Business Benefits.
                     (over 100 benefits and growing)

      Discounts and savings are provided that help smaller businesses remain competitive.
    The NASE provides effective representation in Washington for small business America.
     We give the small business owner the voice of a large corporation and are continuing to press forward in the interest of our Members.
     NASE Personal Benefits are designed to provide Members with discounts on products and services that assist members and their families.
      The NASE offers a well-rounded mix of health benefits to provide members with savings on products to help serve medical needs for themselves and their families.

      The NASE is Your Source of many other Benefits
      These benefits plus many more can be enjoyed by you and your business for a small tax-deductible membership fee.

                                To request more information E-mail us.
               Or call 281-495-4133, ext. 2 to sign up today and

                         start enjoying the benefits.

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